Devon is “In a Relationship” with Lightroom 4

I’ve flirted with Lightroom for years, but it’s always been that one-off kind of flirting, like when you’re bored at a party and decide to bat your eyes at someone even though you know it’ll never lead to a real date.  Five minutes of experimenting with LR here and there over the past few years led to frustration and me deciding to just stick with Bridge and Photoshop since I already knew what I was doing in those programs and had a comfortable workflow for my editing.  It wasn’t until friend and photographer Pixie of Pixie Vision Productions said she was trying Lightroom and forcing herself through the obnoxious hiccups of learning new software that I really decided to sit down and give it a go.

Lightroom properly came into my life about a month and a half ago and with the help of Adobe TV’s awesome tutorials, I cut hours (literally, hours) out of my editing.  I was pretty quick with edits before, but now I’m lighting fast and find myself sitting around thinking, “Hmmm, I wish I had some edits to do!” instead of, “OMG I’m SWAMPED, I’ll never be able to leave my editing desk again!”


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