Saying Something

A lot of thought that goes into a good piece of art.  What you do, how you do it, and where you let it go says more about you as an artist than about the actual art, which means there’s a lot of thinking to be done and choices to be made.

For instance, I decided I didn’t want to have burlesque and boudoir shots on the same website as newborn and family photos, so I separated my photography into two names, Devon Rowland Photography and Silly Human Tricks Photography.

I also decided against trying to get into stock photography because I have no idea where my images will end up, and as cool as it would be to see something of mine on the cover of a book, it would be a lot less cool to see it as part of an ad campaign for something I don’t agree with.

This morning I made a decision about posting an image from a family shoot (check it out here).  You probably don’t think of family photos as being controversial, but this family consisted of pink-haired Kat, her two sons, and Kat’s tattooed/pierced/purple-haired girlfriend.  Unless you live in a hole and completely avoided the 90s, you’ve probably seen colorful hair and body modifications before, but as the great marriage equality debate rages on, it’s more than obvious that LGBT couples are still not fully accepted by society at large.  I knew that adding these photos to my family-friendly website would be making a statement stronger than pasties and boas ever could, and I decided that I was 100% OK with that.  There are a lot of issues where I can see both sides of the argument, but family is about love–period.  By posting images of an alternative couple, I’m saying that I will photograph love in whatever shape, size, color, or attitude it comes in, and anyone who has problems with that is more than welcome to find another photographer.



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