B&W Holga, Part Deux

After my last set of Holga photos made me so happy, I was hoping I’d moved past my slump with the camera.  The last roll of black and white I shot proves that’s not quite the case.  I think part of the problem is I didn’t pick exceptionally interesting subject matter and I had the counter set wrong (12 exposures when not using a mask, not 16…), but I really think b&w on the Holga just doesn’t suit the way I shoot with it.  I like the “dreamy” aspect of it all, but I think color lends to that whereas black and white leaves it feeling kind of muddled for me.  Maybe I just need a clearer sense of subject and what I’m aiming to accomplish with it all.

Either way, I took a roll of Fujifilm Color out to the zoo with me earlier this week and that’s already on its way up to Old School Photo Lab in New Hampshire, so we’ll see what I get out of that!


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