There’s the Holga I’ve Been Looking For!

The weather and my film choices weren’t meshing, I was playing it safe with subject matter, the stars weren’t aligned, whatever; things just weren’t working out with me and Holga during our first few rolls and I was starting to worry that instead of just seeing other people, I was going to have to dump her entirely.  Before making that decision though, I made a wild, off-the-wall, last ditch effort to save our photographic relationship, and I am oh-so-glad I did.

At a friend’s recommendation, I took out the Holga’s mask (which caused a fun little adventure, as described in my previous post) and shot through a roll of Velvia 100 hoping to see some cool light leaks.  I wasn’t sure it would work, but as soon as I saw the results I was more than pleased.

Thank you, Holga, for showing that you can be better than Hipstamatic on my iPhone (which, dirty little secret, I happen to love) and thanks to Old School Photo Lab for making me an Analog Ambassador!




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