NEVER DO THAT! Oh, except for when you need to do that. (Analog Ambassador)

I got to talking about toy cameras with a friend the other night, and she said she took the mask in her Holga out entirely for some fun light leak action.  This sounded like a neat idea, so I took the mask out of my Holga, popped a roll of film in, and took a few shots (though I’m now realizing that perhaps I should’ve set it to the wider exposure instead of the square, but oh well).  Four or five shots in, I heard a rattling in my camera and realized my mistake in taking out the mask.

The flash on my Holga has been busted for a few weeks now, but I never thought to remove the batteries.  Apparently the mask helps to hold them in, and somewhere along the line while traveling with the now maskless Holga, one of the batteries popped out and was rolling around inside the camera.  I’m not sure if it blocked the lens for any of the photos I took, or hit the film and damaged that, but I didn’t want to take any more shots with this potential problem.

So I asked the internets, and the suggestion was that I open up the camera in a darkbag or dark room, then remove the batteries.  Which also meant taking out the film first.  I have had it pretty solidly lodged in my head that opening a camera with film in it = bad, and maybe it’s just because I am still not super familiar with the Holga but getting the film in and out is a bit tricky, so this whole idea was a bit scary to say the least.  But I did it.  My room was not pitch dark because I wanted to be able to see at least a little bit, but I’m hoping it’s OK since I wound the exposed shot on a bit + the film is a really low ISO.

Now to finish the roll and see what all went on inside!



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2 responses to “NEVER DO THAT! Oh, except for when you need to do that. (Analog Ambassador)

  1. Get a red lightbulb… that’s what we used in the darkrooms to offer a tad bit of light when we needed it. Not sure if it matters if you get a photo red light bulb but it’s worth looking into… and you probably already knew that.
    Good luck, I have been tempted to get back into film a bit but have enough to do.

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