Round 2: Monochrome Holga (Analog Ambassador Post)

My second roll of film for Old School Photo Lab‘s Analog Ambassador was developed and sent back to me ages ago, this post has just been really delayed. Sorry folks!

So, OSPL sent me an email letting me know what I’d done wrong with the Holga mask and how to get it right…However, I had already loaded a roll of b&w, meaning I couldn’t adjust the mask. Honestly I kind of like the result of shooting with the wrong mask, it’s almost like a little frame on my photos.



I used this roll for a bit more experimentation as well, including flash.

I like the Holga flash, it seems to bring out even more of the vignetting (which I am a sucker for with any camera) and makes the camera with its fixed shutter speed and two aperture choices a bit more workable, however something went wrong when I tried to use it one night. I turned the flash on, pushed the shutter button, and CRRRRRRAACK! it sounded like a bolt of lightning shot out of my Holga, and the accompanying light was almost as bright. This shot is the result of that, and the last time my Holga’s flash worked.

With a few more frames on the roll and no flash to aid me in the darkness, I went for some long exposures of the neon-lit buildings at Glen Echo Park. They would’ve been more interesting with color film, and a tripod to keep things steady, but I still dig the lines 🙂


Well, that’s about it for this post. Check out my Flickr album for more, and I should have another post with a new roll of Holga film in the next week or two!



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2 responses to “Round 2: Monochrome Holga (Analog Ambassador Post)

  1. Like seeing your photos. Please keep them coming. george

  2. Like seeing your photos. Please keep them coming. Holga photos seperate the no talent photographers from the talented. You certainy have talent. George

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