The Fisheye 2

Do you ever get sick of being given photography stuff? Yeah, me neither! This Christmas I was in Portland, Oregon with family and while walking around a camera store, one family member mentioned that they didn’t have a present for me yet so if there was anything I wanted…  I assumed they didn’t want to spend a few grand on a 70-200mm, f/2.8 for me so I wandered over to the Lomography section and picked out the Fisheye 2.

I’ll admit, the fisheye camera wasn’t something I have been lusting over for months and consider a major addition to my camera bag. Often times I think fisheye is as overdone and poorly used as the majority of HDR, but I still wanted to give it a go. So I popped in some AFGA 800 and took a few shots around Portland, then finished off the roll back home in Maryland. The main thing I discovered? Cheesy or not, this camera is fun! 🙂

(Note to self: Remember that the camera does actually cover 180 degrees, so make sure to hold the lens cap–which comes attached to the camera strap–out of the way!)


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