Let’s Get This Party Started! (Analog Ambassador)

I love getting mail. In this digital age, receiving a package–even one I know is coming–is just like Christmas!  And Christmas this year has come early, in the form of my Analog Ambassador kit from Old School Photo Lab!  Now I have to admit, after a somewhat bumpy start with 35mm film (read Film Fail #1 for more on that) I had some trepidation about even loading the Holga I received.  When I opened her up and took a look at her guts she didn’t seem that different from any of my 35mm cameras, but I still poked around on YouTube for a video showing me how to load my new toy.

Now, let me start by saying that I did, in fact, get my Holga loaded (with Fujicolor Pro 400H).  I did, however, need to make several attempts.  I stuck the end of the film into the intake slot on the other side, however turning the knob to advance it didn’t seem to really get the film to take, so I took out the doohickey on the right side, wound the film around it a few times until I felt like it was secure, then put it back in and started advancing.  That seemed to work, so I put the camera back on and advanced some more.  Didn’t look like I was seeing anything happen (there’s a tiny little window that’s supposed to show you arrows and numbers) so I opened the back, and of course I saw the word START, so I quickly closed the back again and advanced to that point.  Then I looked at the video again, which said I should see some numbers show up, but all I was getting were lines, so I advanced some more…then realized that maybe the film types were different and lines are Fujifilm’s version of numbers.  I’m still not sure on this, but I stopped winding and am now off to adventure with a camera I hope is loaded that may or may not be wound to the beginning.

Hooray for new adventures!


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