What do you mean I’m in control?

Photographers form habits in the way they shoot.  I don’t know why this seems like such a revelation to me, but often times I recognize a flaw in how I shoot and realize it comes from that same trait being helpful when I shoot something else.  The main thing I have to learn to work with comes from learning to shoot at live events.

Swing dancing, burlesque, a day trip to DC–all of these things involve fast action, a quick trigger finger, and give the photographer no real control over the scene.  Learning to shoot in those situations taught me how to find “the moment” and helped me develop my skills as a candid photographer, but completely throws me off kilter when I’m in a studio setting.  What do you mean I can ask you to do that again?  What do you mean I can have you take two steps to your right so your background is better?  What do you mean I’m in control?


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