Analog Ambassador Contest

The internet is awesome!  No, really.  On Twitter, I follow a guy I’ve never met in real life and he posted a link to this fantastic contest designed to encourage photographers to try out medium format film photography, so now I’m writing a blog post as my entry to the contest.  If I win, I get to try my hand with a Holga and blog about the experience thanks to (I told you that the internet is awesome). Here goes!

Introducing myself as a photographer means knowing who I am as a photographer, which is something I’m still working on.  Experimental is the first word I’d use–after all, I am entering a contest to try out a camera I’ve never even touched with a film format I’ve never tried!  As a self taught photographer, I think you have to be willing to experiment or you never learn.  Are all of my results good?  No.  Is it painful to get home and look at my shots, only to see where I could improve, making me want to re-do the entire shoot?  Yes.  But that’s not always possible, especially since I shoot so many performances, live events, and people.  So if I had to cut down who I am as a photographer to one sentence, I suppose I’d say something like this: I am a constantly changing, eternally learning, always playing photographer who loves a challenge as much as a great result.

And I do love a great result. Capturing “the moment”, giving someone who was hundreds of miles away a sense of what it was like to be there with me when the photo was taken, portraying a strong sense of personality so you learn something about a stranger–for me, these things are more important for a photo than the rule of thirds or having a perfect exposure.  Photos that inspire emotion or make the viewer create a story to go with the image are the ones that are remembered later.  These are the shots I strive for.

Because of the previously mentioned tendency towards experimentation and a desire for challenges, as well as my loud-mouthed desire to share what I’m doing with the virtual world, I will make a fantastic analog ambassador.  I nerd out about many things, but photography has quickly climbed to the top of the list and I want to tell the world about the experiences I’ve had with it–the good, the bad, and the ugly.  In doing so, I also hope to inspire others to go out and try something new, something they didn’t expect they’d do, something that will challenge them.


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