Some Things Really are Black and White

All of this is my own fault.  When I shoot film, I do it for fun and as a bit of an experiment.  I like toy cameras and crazy film and results that aren’t perfect or necessarily well planned because it’s a great break from the perfection of digital.  Recently I picked up the new black and white films from Lomography and threw one into my Diana Mini to see how I like Diana shots in b&w.  After a quick run around town (90 degrees at 8am, ouch!) I dropped my film off at CVS to be developed.

Yes, I’ve been taking my film to CVS.  It’s $5 for development and a disk with my images compared to Ritz Camera (the only other camera place close to me) which is $10 per roll.  With color rolls I’ve never had a problem, but one other b&w film I dropped off a month or so back was returned to me completely blank.  I figured it was a malfunction with my camera, which has happened before, but when yesterday’s roll had the same problem, I started asking around.  From what I’ve been told, having black and white film processed like color negative will completely destroy the emulsion on the b&w, so I’m guessing that’s what happened.  Question now is whether I suck it up and pay more for the film development or just make sure CVS pays attention when my film is black and white.  I’m sad about the images I lost, but at least now I know it wasn’t me, my cameras, or my film.


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