The Problem with Doing What You Love is that You Love Doing It

I am exhausted.  This isn’t just a case of needing a good night’s sleep, though I do intend to get that tonight.  This exhaustion is a symptom of finding something I love and actually doing it.

A week ago I officially got the job working with a bona fide photography company for the summer, and that really kicked my photography-related motivation into hyperdrive.  Since Friday I’ve found a company that makes getting a photo site up and running quick and painless (love you,, uploaded a decent bit of content, shuffled my domain around (there are still some DNS shenanigans but I have my fingers crossed that the interwebs are on their way to working for me), organized my photography equipment, organized and backed up my photos from the past 2 years, edited a few batches of new photos, and oh yeah, I’ve had three new shoots + 17 hours of editing at the photography job.  I think I remembered to breathe in there, somewhere.  I know I remembered to dance, but that’s mainly because I have photos from the event.

Here’s the crazy thing about all of this: I am loving every minute of it.  Having a camera in my hands, editing the results of having had a camera in my hands, working to show people what I’ve done with a camera in my hands…all of these things sap a lot of time and energy from me, but I am pleasantly exhausted, falling asleep with a feeling of contentment because the ball is rolling and picking up speed.



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2 responses to “The Problem with Doing What You Love is that You Love Doing It

  1. Finding a job that dovetails your interests is always challenging. The hardest part, though, is keeping what you love interesting, and not letting it be absorbed by the job.

  2. Very nicely explained, any one can easily understand your position….lovely keep writing…

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