If the Clothes Make the Man, the Apps Make the iPhone

(original image as taken by iPhone, only adjustment was to rotate it 90 degrees clockwise)

My digital SLR is great, but sometimes it’s just not worth lugging around so for just over a year now I have been on the hunt for a decent digital camera that I can have on me at all times.  I thought about going for a micro 4/3s, but when my phone started dying I decided I’d join the Cult of the iPhone.  End of story, right?

Wrong.  If the clothes make the man, it is the apps that make the iPhone.  Not surprisingly, the first apps I looked into were photo-related, and I’ve been overwhelmed by choice.  Several apps designed to provide neat effects caught my eye, as well as a few practical ones.  Here’s my 2¢.

(Click on the name of the icon to go to my full description)

(no image) Hipstamatic, $1.99 (additional lenses/filters/gels come in “paks” that cost about $0.99) A solid “Meh”.


Instagram, Free! Pleasantly surprised, but not overwhelmed.


Adobe Photoshop Express, Free! Good all-around editor that gives you the control.

Lo-Mob, $1.99 Fun, vintage, quirky–I’ve found love ❤

TiltShift Generator, Free! A Lensbaby for my iPhone, what could be better?

Color Effects, Free! Neat effect that is occasionally useful.

Camera Bag, $1.99 Not a bad app, but you can do better (especially if you’re paying for it).

iAmZombie, Free! Latex and make-up free zombification.


(no photo) Dash of Color, Free!  Like Color Effects, but crappy and worthless.


(no photo) iRotate Photo, Free!  Rotates photos. Really, that’s all it does.


(no photo) iRelease, Free! Customizable model release for your iPhone.


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