Keep your politics off my art!

Of course the National Portrait Gallery put in an exhibit specifically designed to insult Christians around Christmas.  It’s not like they’d want an exhibit about the LGBT influence on portraiture in the 20th century because it might be a valid and interesting point of view that has never been explored on such a large (and national) scale.

(That was sarcasm.  I think it is completely ridiculous for the exhibit to have been disrupted in this manner and am disappointed with NPG director Martin Sullivan for letting this happen.)

(Check Hide/Seek out before it’s gone)



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3 responses to “Keep your politics off my art!

  1. Cat Bogan

    I personally don’t see how the timing would make it any less offensive or insulting to homophibic Bible-thumpers. Anything pertaining to the LGBT community offends you guys.

    It might be political, and if it is, who cares? There’s no honest-to-goodness way to keep politics out of art. Whether it’s literature, photography, traditional media, music, or sculpture, it can’t be done. Legally, you can’t even photograph someone without having them sign a release. How did that come about? Politics.

    And honestly, even if the exhibit was of Arabs in America, you’d still be offended, from both a religious standpoint and a patriotic one.

    Please think before posting something so hateful and pointless.

    • I’m sorry, apparently my sarcasm failed at coming across online. I think it’s utterly ridiculous that the exhibit was disrupted in this way and fully support both the LGBT movement and freedom in the arts.

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