Screw the Standard

I know 8×10 is a pretty standard photo size, but I hate it.  Technically it is a rectangle, but it looks like someone was trying to draw a square and just failing at getting it right so in the end you have a shape that is not quite square and not quite rectangular.  Unless I know something needs to be easily printed, I am going to keep working outside of the 8×10 box!



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2 responses to “Screw the Standard

  1. I completely agree with you, its the most ridiculous shape for a photo, but we’re all stuck with it because someone decided way back when that it was industry standard. I either print my photos full frame or if I have to crop I do it based on what makes the photo look better, not what makes it “standard” for printing. 8×10 sucks.

  2. Totally agree – I tend to print my photographs full frame, or close to it at 7×10 instead. The poor guys at the photo shop hate to see me coming because the machine always tries to crop for me. If I’m working on cyanotypes it’s usually a real square – I’m in love with square photography.

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